Pure Resins – Amber 60ml




  • A resinous fragrance, which scents like some pine, partly a little heavy and similar to myrrh
  • Is an interesting mix of a sunny, positive and serious, purposeful energy
  • Amber was worshiped in ancient times as the “Gold of the North”
  • Is ideal for processing and integrating the “old issues”
  • For incensing on a coal or a sieve

Amber is a fossil resin excreted by trees in prehistoric times. Its resinous smell, which only emerges when burnt very slowly is partly reminiscent of Pine and partly of Myrrh. In antique times Amber was worshipped as Gold of the North and as Sun Daughter s Tears which might refer to its interesting mixture of sunny and positive on the one side and serious and goal-oriented energy on the other. Besides that, Amber mainly was found in the Baltic States. Thus its smell is almost ideal for working up and integrating old subjects.