Pure Resins – Dragon Blood, powder 30ml



Dragon Blood, powder

  • Powerful protection resin and drive evil and negativity away when burned.
  • Added to any incense, it heightens the incense power.
  • It also provide peace and quiet when needed.
  • Please remember this resin should be burned over charcoal in very little pieces since the smoke and scent is very intense.

Dragon Blood s color is deep red and shiny. According to the ancient lore of incense, Dragon Blood has been used in ceremonies to neutralize negative energies. Mostly it is mixed with other substances, because burnt by itself it creates a strong, dark smoke. Dragon Blood is said to intensify the purification effect of Frankincense. The resin, while burning, emits a tart and spicy fragrance.

Note: Please carefully close the jar after usage, as otherwise the powder may attract humidity and harden.